Getting to the Heart of Business

“Come to Me With Your Ideas!” The Lawyer-Entrepreneur Who Breaks Glass Ceilings & Innovates - Ep 2

February 8, 2021

With degrees in law AND advertising, Amanda Little is a family lawyer with a difference.

As you'll hear in our fascinating and at-times hilarious interview, she’s an innovator, a breaker of glass ceilings—and an incurable entrepreneur who’s known to buy domain names on her holidays. She's the “ten-new-ideas-before-breakfast” type. 

Amanda shares what made her step away from a big city law firm to start out on her own, and how she juggles being a wife, a mum, a lawyer and a business owner at the same time.

You’ll hear about her approach to hiring, budgeting and business growing pains; why workplace shenanigans are high on her agenda; and how Amanda’s nearly-all-female team survived COVID-19, after "falling off a fiscal cliff". Together they led the way in finding new ways for lawyers to operate. 



07:15 – Amanda talks about some of the areas of business where lawyers often struggle.

10:14 – Both James and Amanda recall their first hiring experiences, and what made those early staffing decisions a success.  

14:25 – Amanda shares why being a flexible, adaptable workplace is so important to her – and how it’s attracted brilliant staff. 

18:28  - The growing pains and keys to growth in Amanda’s early years in business.  

23:35 – How manage an overactive creative brain that is always coming up with new ideas. 

27:55 – Surviving 2020: “We fell off a fiscal cliff, the work dried up instantly.”  

30:37 – Amanda realized she was losing money by hiring too many juniors, and had to undergo a major paradigm shift.

35:24 - Amanda discusses the value of investing in outsourcing.

36:51 – A fun workplace is one that staff don’t want to leave – Amanda shares how she’s created a culture of fun.


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