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“It’s So Much Like Marriage!” The Highs & Lows of Business Partnership: Kirsty Farrugia - Ep 4

February 14, 2021

If you’re in a business partnership, and it sometimes feels a bit like a marriage – then you’re not alone!

That’s how Kirsty Farrugia describes it, in this fascinating interview about her business, The Art of Decluttering. It’s a professional organizing co, run by Kirsty and her business partner and long-time friend, Amy Revell. Together they also host a highly successful podcast of the same name.

In her interview, Kirsty shares about the massive journey of personal growth she’s been on while working in the partnership – including both the struggles, and the great rewards.

She also gives us a fascinating insight into the powerful emotional ties people have with their clutter—and what happens when you’re in a client’s home, an “landmine”explodes…



03:43  - She may be a professional organizer, but Kirsty admits she was once a chaotic “red hot mess”!

07:51 – Feeling restless as a stay-at-home mum, Kirsty took a leap of faith. The story of how the business began.

14:17– It’s an ironic moment when two pro-declutterers, realise their business is rather… cluttered! 

16:04 – Anyone in a business partnership will agree – it’s not easy! Kirsty talks about the personal struggles of letting go, and making room for someone else’s wishes.

23:12 -  Relationship before profit, Generosity: two of the values at the heart of Kirsty’s business.

25:24 – A thriving Facebook Group has been a key to the Art of Declutterings’s success.  

26:11 – “Landmines” – a unique hazard of the decluttering profession.

31:23 – Kirsty talks about her great passion for helping people find freedom.

35:00 – Is it possible to ‘declutter’ your business? We ask Kirsty for her advice.  

39:28 – James and Jess talk about the business strategy of identifying gaps in the market.

43:09 – Using Facebook Groups as a business tool.



Find out more about Kirsty and her work at

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