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“My Business Tripled Overnight” - How a Young Mum’s Hobby Became a National Brand - Ep 9

March 21, 2021

It’s the perfect story of a Stay at Home Mum with a hobby that goes viral. But peek behind the beautifully curated Instagram feed to hear about the real-life journey which has taken Wild Indiana from a back bedroom operation to a national brand. 

It all started with a play gym made by Laura’s husband, Luke. With nine months maternity leave ahead of her, Laura began selling a few on Instagram. 

Then she happened upon a certain silicone baby's bowl, and entered the importing game.

When Covid hit and an Instagram influencer shared a post, Wild Indiana went viral - reaching seven figures and a social following of over 34,000. 

Laura’s story of courage, tenacity, and a heart to help other mums - is incredibly inspiring. 



03:48 - Laura discovers her knack for selling on Instagram, before the rest of the world catches on.

07:46 - A new product range enables Laura to support and encourage mums, while building a successful business.

12:17 – Laura enters the world of importing and overseas manufacture.

13:00 - Sales triple when an influencer shares an Instagram post – and Covid helps online purchases to soar.

17:00 - Time to move house. The back room just isn’t big enough for this growing business!

19:31 - After a few kinks along the way, Laura is grateful to the forgiving customers who have stuck with Wild Indiana through the growing years.

22:17 – From a painful experience, Laura reshaped her business.

24:00 - Laura shares some tips for Instagram marketing. 

29:29 - When the rubber hits the road, Laura revisits her motivations, and her idea of success.



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